How to write a yes or no question in java

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Yes | No Comment. Reply. Report. write a java program that prompts the user to enter 2 non-negative integers and print on the screen their average (rounded to 2 decimal places? Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the same and merging them into this question.

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How to Write Questions with Binary YES/NO Answer

Mar 13,  · If statement to ask yes/no question Hi sorry if this has already been asked but I've looked and couldn't find it. I've been working on a program for my university work I want the program to repeat if the user answers yes to a question but the code I have written does not work and I can't see why.

Feb 14,  · Java- Yes/No question?

switch statement in java

I'm writing this program that displays purchases and I want to ask the user if they would like to enter another order using a YES_NO_OPTION. With the code I have now, I get into Status: Resolved. I have also provided an answer to those Java design pattern question as a link.

no matter which level of Java interview is you going e.g. programmer, software engineer, senior software engineer in Java, you can expect few question from Java design pattern.

Suppose you are writing a program that asks the user to give a yes-or-no response. Assume that the program reads the user's response into the String variable response.

a) If response is yes or y, set the boolean variable accept to true;otherwise, set it to false.

How to write a yes or no question in java
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