How to make a coke float writing a cover

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How to Make a Coke Can Boat

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Ice Cream Soda Recipes

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Leave about 2 inches of drum attached to one end when you cut it off; one side can be discarded, the other will be used as a cover to seal air in the drum. Hammer the edge of the cover piece (the end with 2 inches of drum) from the inside outward to create a slight flare to allow it to be placed over top of the remaining drum cylinder.

Why Do Cans of Diet Coke Float But Cans of Regular Coke Don’t? September 15, Karl Smallwood 2 comments.

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Mark K. asks: Cans of Diet Coke float. Cans of regular Coke don’t.

Harry Fenton's Hints and Tips for Small Continental Engines

The cans are the same size and they contain the same amount of liquid according to the label. What gives?

How to make a coke float writing a cover
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Semper Gumby: How to Make a Coke Float (Writing Activity)