How to be a policeman

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‘Allahu Akbar’: Brussels Policeman Stabbed in Neck as France’s Macron Visits City

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Policeman definition, a member of a police force or body. See more. Policeman definition is - a member of a police force. How to use policeman in a sentence. a member of a police force; one held to resemble a policeman; a. Define policeman. policeman synonyms, policeman pronunciation, policeman translation, English dictionary definition of policeman.

n. A man who is a member of a police force. or feminine n, pl -men or -women a member of a police force, esp. A police officer, also known as an officer, policeman, policewoman, cop, police agent, or a police employee is a warranted law employee of a police force.

In most countries, "police officer" is a generic term not specifying a particular rank. Define policeman. policeman synonyms, policeman pronunciation, policeman translation, English dictionary definition of policeman.

n. A man who is a member of a police force. or feminine n, pl -men or -women a member of a police force, esp one holding the rank of constable.

Date A Policeman.

Attacker shouting 'Allahu akbar' stabs Belgian policeman

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How to be a policeman
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