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Trauma during pregnancy

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Subject to institutional variation. Trauma during pregnancy is a significant contributor to both maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality in developed countries. 1 Trauma, affects 7% of all pregnancies and is. Essay on Pre-Hospital Immobilization of Trauma Patients Words 8 Pages It is appreciated that the given case study contains other factors such as psychological trauma and the impact of blood loss.

Penetrating and Blunt Abdominal Trauma - Essay Example

Both blunt and penetrating (gunshot or knife related) trauma is encountered in Australia but blunt trauma is the most common. Direct fetal injuries occur in less than 1% of cases. BLUNT TRAUMA IN PREGNANCY AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS Trauma affects % of pregnancies in the U. S. 60 – 67% related to automobile accidents.

Fetal mortality after maternal blunt trauma is 34 – 38%. The two major causes of fetal death after maternal blunt trauma are: Maternal shock / death, and placental abruption. women with a concurrent diagnosis of pregnancy and trauma during this period were reviewed; 62 pregnant patients were admitted to our center because of trauma.

One patient was excluded from the study in accordance dominantly blunt trauma, primarily motor vehicle crashes. Trauma is the most common cause of nonobstetric death among pregnant women in the United States.

Motor vehicle crashes, domestic violence, and falls are the most common causes of.

BLUNT TRAUMA IN PREGNANCY Blunt trauma in pregnancy essay
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